The Canadian Aikido Association (CAA) was established to serve the needs of dojos whose members want to focus on Hombu style training. The CAA is growing organically. By keeping bureaucracy to a minimum and striving to be apolitical and broad-minded, we seek to avoid exclusion and be welcoming. We support and promote the development of new opportunities for Aikidoists of all levels and backgrounds at both the provincial and national levels.

Annual Japan Trip to Hombu Dojo –The Aikikai World Headquarters





The January 2020 Hombu trip included the promotion of EastVan senior instructor Greg Duncan to Godan (5th dan) and CAA executives attending kagami biraki festivities.

At Hombu one can train under the tutelage of The Founder’s grandson, Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and great-grandson, Dojo-cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba. Your morning class partner might be a young white belt from Italy, your afternoon partner a 2nd dan from Brazil, and your evening partner a 7th Dan Hombu Shihan. Your downtime might be spent sightseeing beautiful temples with a group from Russia or drinking beer with local Japanese students. You have the opportunity to share the love and passion of aikido with people from around the world and bring what you experience and learn back home to your dojo. 2015’s trip included a visit to Beijing, China where we joined the ranks of students at Beijing Aikikai and enjoyed the local culture.

All are welcome to join the pilgrimage to the source of aikido.



Manning Park Gasshuku 2, May 2019
CAA dojos were honored to receive guidance from Hombu Dojo instructor, Katsurada Shihan. An amazing and intimate opportunity to take our Aikido to another level.

The first article to the right is Katsurada Shihan's report, posted in the Hombu Dojo monthly newsletter.

The second article was submitted by Katsurada Shihan, a reflection on his trip to Canada. The English translation is below.

Overseas Instruction - Canada

"Off to the dojo of Tony Hind Sensei, my memorable sempai from my time living at Hombu Dojo".

Submitted by Aikido Hombu Dojo Instructor, Shihan Eiji Katsurada.

Approximately a year ago the International Office informed me that there was a request from Tony Hind Sensei to visit Canada.

In the three and a half years I lived in Hombu Dojo I practiced very often with my sempai's Fujimaki Hiroshi Shihan and Anthony Hind (Tony Hind Sensei). When I heard that name I naturally froze, couldn't help myself. Katsurada reacting like Pavlov's dog! That’s how I felt as I wondered why I was invited. "What is my fate?" I thought as I accepted the request.

Tony Sensei's organization, the Canadian Aikido Association, is based in Vancouver with 9 dojos in 7 cities. Tony Sensei and Greg Duncan are the leaders. Greg is the same age as me and we practiced often at Hombu Dojo.

Tony Sensei lived for fourteen years in Japan and after that traveled back and forth for ten years. Greg lived in Japan for 8 years. He is 140 kilos (300 lbs) and 180 centimeters (6 ft tall). I don't know the circumstances but in Greg's personal history he holds the record for breaking the most pigs' necks!

Greg met me at the airport wearing army pants. (as expected – he's scary). We spent the night at Tony Sensei's joined by Kan Tateno who trains at Hombu and Art May from Hawaii. We first enjoyed various tasty local beers. It was good. I was told, "We have Canadian vodka" but as I go to Russia two or three times a year I didn't want to drink Vodka in Canada as Canada is not famous for Vodka . But, "when In Rome, do as the Romans do". I wanted to refuse, however I bent to my sempai's unspoken pressure and combined with jet lag I was forced to retire to my room!

During practice, everyone from white belts to black belts were polite and nice. Both tori and uke had wonderful attitudes towards practice and showed great ability. Perhaps it was because their Senseis are so scary!

They will definitely rank as one of the top groups compared to the other dojos I have visited.

I am deeply grateful to Tony Sensei and all the people involved for making my trip great.

Hind/Solomon in Winnipeg
Winnipeg Aikikai welcomed Technical Director, Tony Hind and Weapons Specialist Yahe Solomon for 3 days of weapons practise. Tony and Yahe were together at Hombu Dojo.

Manning Park Gasshuku, May 2018
The beautiful setting of Manning Park, BC hosted CAA dojos for the very first Gasshuku. Clubs from BC and Manitoba shared a long weekend to train and bring members of the Canadian Aikido Association together.

Keith Durrant Seminar
The group was very lucky to attend a special seminar instructed by Technical Director, Tony Hind's friend Keith Durrant. An advanced Judoka, Keith did a day long seminar on chokes and controls.

Hope Invitational Seminar Series

The 1st Hope Invitational was held July 23rd, 2011 in beautiful Hope, B.C. at the confluence of two rivers between the Coast mountain range and Cascade mountain range. Hope is a gateway destination to British Columbia's most diverse scenery. It's all too easy to bypass this small, vibrant community but savvy aikidoists know to stay awhile. $25 got you three classes, a barbecue and pints to celebrate the start of something great.

The 2nd Annual was hosted on Saturday, August 4th, 2012 by Fraser Valley Aikikai in Abbotsford a short distance away from the Coastal Mountains. Sprawling farmland and the imposing Fraser River provided an ideal setting for the after-party in Mission featuring a whole suckling BBQ pig, nomihodai (bottomless pints) and live music.

The 3rd Annual in July 2013 was held on Thetis Island, home of our amazing host Little Island Aikikai. Located in the Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland of B.C., island life on Thetis is relaxed, rural and peaceful. We awoke to locally produced artisan goat cheese, breads, herbs and freshly roasted coffee. This three-day event led to us getting the coveted Islander status, a title rarely given to outsiders.

The 4th Annual in July 2014 was headquartered in a valley of stunning beauty at the Zupan Family Estate in Osoyoos. Participants pitched tents on this waterfront acreage which is framed by sunny blue skies, vineyards, and orchards. After Friday and Saturday classes we dove into the warmest fresh water lake in Canada followed by wine master John Zupan’s finest award winning wines and private reserve worm wood grappa!

The 5th was postponed due to the Miyamoto Shihan seminar.

The 6th annual was held in West Vancouver. Shaded by cedars and alders with the sounds of a running brook in the background, this unique outdoor "dojo" made for a great venue. The after party, which made "The Top Ten Things To Do this Summer on Vancouver's North Shore". Seminar featured Robert Mustard and many Yoshinakn Aikidoka.

The James Paul Martin Memorial

Paul Martin Sensei, a previous president of the BC Aikido Federation and a senior member of the British Columbian and Canadian Aikido community, passed away August 25, 2012. Paul greatly influenced many students.

To honor his memory, East Van Aikikai, with the blessing and support of Paul's family and close friends, established The James Paul Martin Memorial Grant.

Each year money is raised through events and donations to support this grant and give back to the community. You can learn more about the memorial and it's impact at the East Van Aikikai site.

Member Dojos:

All CAA members and dojos are insured and the majority of instructors have either visited and/or lived in Japan and trained at the World Headquarters (Hombu Dojo) Tokyo, Japan.

All kyu and dan ranks are registered through Hombu Dojo and certificates issued directly from The Aikikai World Headquarters in Tokyo. These ranks are recognized at all Aikikai affiliated dojos worldwide.

Technical Director: Anthony Hind, 6th Dan

Aikido is practiced and loved by over 1.2 million people in fifty countries around the world.

Of those, only a handful of foreigners have ever lived at Hombu Dojo. Tony was the last foreigner and only Canadian to achieve this and our organization is proud to recognize his accomplishment. Tony’s many years of training and teaching in Japan bring knowledge and experience that benefit all of Aikido in Canada. Biography | Media

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