Training at Hombu Dojo, Tokyo

Canada Day, July 1st, 2020, we are honoured to receive recognition by Hombu Dojo – Aikikai World Headquarters.

At Hombu you will receive instruction from The Founder's grandson, Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and great-grandson, Dojo-cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba. Your morning class partner might be a young white belt from Italy, your afternoon partner a 2nd dan from Brazil, and your evening partner a 7th Dan Hombu Shihan. Your downtime might be spent sightseeing beautiful temples with a group from Russia or enjoying a beverage with local Japanese students. You have the opportunity to share the love and passion of aikido with people from around the world and bring what you experience and learn back home to your dojo.

All active members holding the rank of 4th Dan or above have trained at Hombu Dojo. The CAA encourages all members to visit Japan and train at Hombu.

All are welcome to join the pilgrimage to the source of aikido.



CAA executives attended Kagami Biraki.

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Included a training trip to Vietnam.

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East Van, Abbotsford and Winnipeg attended.

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Included a training trip to Beijing.

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East Van, Abbostford and Winnipeg attended.

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Gallery - We Love Aikido

This fund may change a child's narrative, and we are aware of the privilege we've been accorded.


Each year East Van Aikikai raises money through donations and the proceeds of The Paul Martin seminar to support this program.

Starting September 2020, Strathcona Community Centre, home of East Van Aikikai, will offer a weekly after-school art program for Strathcona community kids.

Paul Martin Sensei, a previous president of the BC Aikido Federation and a senior member of the British Columbian and Canadian Aikido community, passed away August 25, 2012. Paul greatly influenced many students and friends. To honour his memory, (besides our memorial practice and pub crawl Oct 7, 20102), East Van Aikikai, with the blessing and support of Paul's family and close friends, established The James Paul Martin Memorial Grant.

P Martin


Member Dojos

All CAA members and dojos are insured and the majority of instructors have either visited and/or lived in Japan and trained at the World Headquarters (Hombu Dojo) Tokyo, Japan.

All kyu and dan ranks are registered through Hombu Dojo, certificates issued directly from The Aikikai World Headquarters in Tokyo. These ranks are recognized at all Aikikai affiliated dojos worldwide.


The goal of the Hope/Manning Park seminars is to foster friendship and promote aikido in an inclusive, fun, and safe environment.

The location of the seminars changed until 2018, when we found a home in Manning Park, BC and the first CAA Gasshuku.


2nd Annual Manning Park Gasshuku, May 2019, CAA dojos were honored to receive guidance from Hombu Dojo instructor, Katsurada Shihan. An amazing and intimate opportunity to take our Aikido to another level.

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Held in West Vancouver. Shaded by cedars and alders with the sounds of a running brook in the background, this unique outdoor "dojo" made for a great venue. The after party, which made "The Top Ten Things To Do this Summer on Vancouver's North Shore". Seminar featured Robert Mustard and many Yoshinakn Aikidoka.

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Held on Thetis Island, home of our amazing host Little Island Aikikai. Located in the Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland of B.C., island life on Thetis is relaxed, rural and peaceful. We awoke to locally produced artisan goat cheese, breads, herbs and freshly roasted coffee. This three-day event led to us getting the coveted Islander status, a title rarely given to outsiders.

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Hope is a gateway destination to British Columbia's most diverse scenery. It's all too easy to bypass this small, vibrant community but savvy aikidoists know to stay awhile. $25 got you three classes, a barbecue and pints to celebrate the start of something great.

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